Arkansas Center for Music Education is a 501(c)3 tax-deductable non-profit organization whose goal is to provide quality and affordable (and free, if needed) music education in classroom instruction and instrumental and vocal ensembles to students, pre-Kindergarten to adult, who would not otherwise have such an education available to them.

It is our goal to instill in our students the desire to practice the use of music as a means by which to develop themselves wholly, as individuals and citizens, in private and in community service through performances and participation in such venues as community events and groups, churches, graduation ceremonies, public concerts, or wherever music can improve the quality of life.

Our instructors have degrees in music/music education or significant experience in music, such as private instrument instructors.

Our classes operate from September through May. Our students present excellent programs displaying their many talents and skills learned in the classroom.

We hope to eventually have some materials and classes online for those who like what we do, but don't live near enough to attend classes in person.

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Shirley Faulkner

Founder/Executive Director

Arkansas Center for Music Education


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Choir Rehearsals for the 9/11 Event

on September 10th are:

August 14 at 7 PM

August 31 at 7 PM

September 5 at 7 PM

Fall Semester begins

August 21 with rehearsals

on Mondays at 7 PM

"Handel's Messiah: Christmas"

Band rehearsals for

the 9/11 Event on September 10th are:

August 24 at 7 PM

August 29 at 7 PM

September 5 at 7 PM.

1001 East B Street

Russellville AR


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